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SEO Coaching Service

Learn SEO from expert consultants & develop an executable strategy that you can implement. Scroll down to learn more!

seo coaching service
Coaching Service

SEO Coaching Breakdown

Learn from SEO experts, define an executable strategy, and beat your local competition to drive more qualified leads.

seo audit for coaching

Detailed SEO Audit

Our experts will perform a complete SEO audit on your website.

  • Content overview
  • Technical SEO
  • Off-site SEO

Project Tool Access

We will provide access to our project management software.

  • Assign SEO tasks to you
  • Track progress
  • Align tasks with ranking

Content Strategy

Dedicated strategy for you to develop content.

  • Neighborhood / listing
  • Informational / blogging
  • Optimizing your content
video seo strategy

Video Strategy

Create a video cadence for attracting users from YouTube.

  • Neighborhood focused
  • Best practices
  • Measuring success
technical seo

Technical SEO Feedback

Our team will critique your SEO to improve skillset.

  • Optimizing pages
  • Monitoring Google Console
  • Applying SEO Remedies

Local SEO Strategy

Our team will work with you to perform localized SEO.

  • Citation development
  • Local directories
  • Google My Business

SEO Coaching Expectations

6-month timeframe required

Our coaching contracts are a 6-month term to provide enough time for you to learn, execute on strategy, and for search engines to absorb changes.

3-4 hours of homework per week

The time dedication is required for you to execute on tasks; keyword research, content writing, link building, citation development, and measuring success.

Willingness to learn and patience to see results

To perform SEO properly it requires time to learn. It also takes patience to see results since most search engines don’t reward higher rankings overnight. Search engines do this so you cannot “game” their algorithms.