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Tricks to Boost the Conversion Rate of Your Real Estate Website

Chances are if you are reading this article on our website, you’re investing time or money into SEO to drive traffic. Driving traffic is awesome but converting traffic is a completely different challenge, that if solved – will yield major returns. In this article, we will guide you through some of the most efficient conversion rate tactics and solutions for real estate websites.

Instant Chat to Automate & Convert Traffic

One tactic to boost conversions is to make your web visitors feel valued right from the start is instant chat. Providing visitors with a quick and easy way to ask questions, gather information, or voice their concerns can significantly increase their confidence in your business. Using chatbots to field initial qualifying questions can also aid your lead generation and even save a ton of time prior to engaging chat. As time goes on, “some” people have become less accustomed to speaking on the phone or even emailing – this is why instant chat is such a great option to capture additional conversions.

Strategic Newsletter Signup Forms

A great way to convert visitors into leads is through newsletter signup call-to-actions or popups. Offer them a monthly newsletter with new listings or pocket listings, and watch the conversion rate increase (it’s pretty simple and very top-of-funnel when it comes to a lead perspective). Newsletter popups might seem intrusive, but if done right, they can be a great asset in driving conversions… Especially if you stick to your commitment to provide valuable monthly information or listings.

Property Popups

While most popups tend to be frustrating for the user, property popups can be a game-changer for your conversion rate. Popups that ask for information after a user browses a few properties can greatly improve the likelihood of a user converting. Additionally, popups that offer information on particular listings generate an even higher conversion rates. We recommend you add property popups that trigger after X# of property views.

Brand or Personal Introduction Videos

An introduction video is an excellent tool to drive web visitors to interact with your website. The video should provide information about you and your business, including what you can offer the prospect. It’s pretty simple, if you can trigger an emotional response and get them to like you via video – they will buy from you. As time goes on, the web in general is getting away from the “human element”, stand out from the crowd and be human – it will pay off!

General Contact Form Call-to-Action Tactics

Contact forms are a staple for any website, and the real estate industry is no different. To boost conversions, it’s essential to have your contact forms stand out. Tactics such as “Get a Free Home Valuation,” “Get a Free Consultation,” “What is Your Property Worth,” “Sell Your Home for Top Dollar Fast,” and “Check the Market Rate of Your Property” can significantly improve your conversion rate.

Schedule a Consultation Buttons

Some people want to talk, but on their schedule. Making it easy for users to schedule a consultation can increase conversion rates for those types of potential prospects. There are various tools available that allow users to book appointments on your calendar, but one of the most popular solutions is Calendly. Integrating Calendly into your website allows users to check your availability and immediately book a time to talk with you.


The real estate industry tends to be competitive, but using the tactics listed above can help your business gain a competitive edge. By providing a better user experience and making the information gathering process a more pleasant experience, visitors are more likely to take action and convert into leads. It is essential to keep track of your website’s conversion rates and implement solutions that work for your business. With some testing and investment in your website, improved conversion rates are certain to follow.