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How to Decrease Homepage Bounce Rate on Your Real Estate Website

As a real estate agent, having a website is crucial to your success. However, it’s not enough to just have a website – it needs to be user-friendly and engaging. One of the most important metrics to track on your website is the bounce rate. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors to your site who leave without visiting any other pages. High bounce rates can be detrimental to your business, as they indicate that users are not finding what they need on your site. In this blog post, we will discuss ways to decrease the homepage bounce rate on your real estate website.

Simplify the Main Search Bar

The main search bar on your website should be the focal point of your homepage. It should be simple, easy to use, and provide users with all the necessary information to begin their search. We recommend limiting the fields to only include Price Range, Location, and Size. This way, users can quickly find what they’re looking for without getting bogged down by unnecessary information. Remember, the main goal of the search bar is to get the user as quickly as possible into the search results.

Add Calls-to-Action Below the Fold

IF users skip entering search parameters and scroll down, it’s important to still guide them through the process of finding their dream home. One way to do this is to add calls-to-action (CTA) below the fold. These CTAs can send users to specific communities, home types, or price ranges. By doing this, you’re giving users more options to explore, which can help keep them engaged on your site and decrease the likelihood of them bouncing.

Ensure the Search Bar Loads Above the Fold on Mobile

More and more users are accessing websites on their mobile devices. As such, it’s important to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. One specific area to focus on is the search bar. On mobile, it’s critical that the search bar loads above the fold. If users have to scroll down to find the search bar, they may become frustrated and leave your site altogether.

Avoid Carousel Images with Links on the Banner

It’s common for websites to have carousel images on the banner. However, we recommend not using this approach on your real estate website. Why? Because carousel images with links are distracting users from accomplishing the main objective; which is searching for real estate. Instead, use a single, eye-catching image that’ll grab the users’ attention without overwhelming them.


Decreasing the homepage bounce rate on your real estate website is crucial to keeping users engaged and ultimately converting them into clients. By simplifying the main search bar, adding calls-to-action below the fold, ensuring the search bar loads above the fold on mobile, and avoiding carousel images with links on the banner, you’ll be well on your way to decreasing your bounce rate. Remember, the goal is to keep users on your site and guide them through the process of finding their dream home.