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Why Property Page (Listing Page) SEO is Crucial to Outrank Major Channels like Zillow

In today’s digital age, people turn to search engines like Google to find almost everything, including properties for sale or rent. As a real estate agent, you need your listings to be visible on Google when potential clients search for the property address. However, major channels like Zillow and have done well in the search rankings. So, what can you do as a real estate agent to outrank these channels? The answer lies in optimizing your property page (listing page) with the right SEO elements. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why Property Page SEO is important to outrank the major channels and the SEO elements you should include.

Dynamic Title and Meta data

The title and meta description are the first things visitors see in the search engine results page (SERP). A dynamic title and meta data that include your target keywords provide a clear and concise impression of what your property page is about. Including location-specific keywords can help your property page rank higher in local search results. Consider the property address and any relative flow of data that you can create into a pattern.


1234 South Gilbert Rd. Mesa AZ 85205 | MLS# 1100021 | Your Company Name Here

SEO-Friendly URL structure

Your property page’s URL structure should be SEO-friendly and descriptive. Using the property address in the URL can help search engines understand what your page is about and where the property is located. It’s also essential to include a primary keyword in the URL to make it easier for users to find your property page.


Image Size Compression for faster load times

High-quality images play a significant role in enticing visitors to your property page. However, large images can slow down your page load times. Optimizing your images using compression techniques can help improve your load times, which is a crucial factor in ranking your property page higher in search engine results.

Schema Codes like RealEstateListing, LeaseLength, SingleFamilyResidence

Schema markup or structured data provides information about your property, making it easier for search engines to understand your page and its content. Including schema codes like RealEstateListing, LeaseLength, SingleFamilyResidence can help search engines like Google to comprehend the property details and display it effectively in the SERPs.

Create a Dynamic Property Listing XML Sitemap

Create a Dynamic Property Listing XML Sitemap to submit to Google Webmaster Console. A dynamic property listing XML sitemap is a file that lists all the pages of your property website and the relevant metadata. Submitting a dynamic XML sitemap to Google Webmaster Console helps search engines crawl your property pages more efficiently and index them appropriately.

Dedicated “Our Listings” Page

Recommend creating a dedicated page for the listings you represent to send more internal links to them. Creating a dedicated page for the listings you represent helps build a strong internal linking structure, which is essential for SEO. Internal links play a significant role in distributing link equity across your website and increasing the authority of your property pages. Including links from your homepage to the dedicated listings page or blog post can help increase its visibility and ranking in the search results.


Optimizing your property page with the right SEO elements is crucial to outrank major channels like Zillow when people search for the property address on Google. Incorporating SEO-friendly elements like dynamic titles and meta data, SEO-friendly URL structure, compressed image sizes, schema codes, dynamic XML sitemaps, and building internal links can help improve the visibility and ranking of your property page. With these strategies in place, you can attract more potential clients and outrank the major channels to gain a competitive edge in the real estate market.

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